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Samuel McPeek - Stone Artist

Samuel R. McPeek

Samuel McPeek grew up in a small town in rural Saskatchewan. His family lived in town but also worked a farm. As a boy, Sam would spend many a summer day about the farm. There was a large pond with a growth of big trees. Often he would climb high into the branches and just lay still. After a few moments the many birds would come out and start singing: Red Wing, Yellow Wing, White Wing, Blackbirds. Below the branches - on the ground - gophers would scurry about, and on a special day he might see a badger. Near night fall the deer would come to drink. Sam as a young boy, observed, and quickly became fascinated by these many diverse forms of wild life.

Today, when Samuel McPeek picks up a stone or rock, he sees a piece of nature - already painted in his hand; all he need do is place the stone elements together in the correct order, and a fresh picture begins to emerge.

"I've always loved to create - be it music or art... a special type of freedom that comes from deep within. Each time I do an art piece I learn something of myself - my craft. I always find it exhilarating. Once started, I don't want to stop."

Many years of working with stone and tile have evolved into his highly original and very functional craft. Samuel McPeek ever looks forward to sharing his unique artistry with others.

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